April 2015 – Watch a Wasps Nest being Built

Watch wasps building a huge nest on a resident’s window – footage here shows wasps buzzing away as they make their new home.


A settled pattern became established early in the month with fine weather, some very warm days and plenty of sunshine across many areas. However, the final six days of the month were unsettled and cold with some sharp frosts and snow across high ground in the north.

Sunshine was well above normal in most areas making it provisionally the sunniest April since 1929.

This year’s Queens are emerging from hibernation and will be looking for somewhere nice and dry and out of the way to build their new nests and start their new colony.

If you see a large and probably a bit groggy looking wasps this will be a Queen, she’s just woken up from an almost 6 month sleep and is getting used to her new life.

Be kind to her!