Aug 2014 – Leeds “Sting Operation”

A suspected burglar was arrested after a nest of wasps carried out a “sting operation” when the man tried to hide in a bush.
The man was arrested by police investigating the theft of a fish tank from a furniture shop in Leeds.
Police said the man hid in the bush but was repeatedly stung after disturbing a wasps’ nest and had to be taken to hospital because of the stings.
The man has been charged with theft and is due to appear before magistrates.
The wasps are outraged at this invasion of their privacy.

August was an unsettled month with some large daily rainfall totals in some areas. Ex-Hurricane ‘Bertha’ passed over the UK bringing some unseasonably windy and wet weather and maintaining a cool and showery regime. The second half of the month saw some notably cool days and nights with some early ground frosts, and remained unsettled resulting in a cool and wet month overall.

Wasp populations fewer in number than average this year, though the nests that are in development are likely to be larger than average due to lack of competition for food and building materials.