June 2014 – Boozed-up Sugar Junkie Wasps

A BBC article spoke up for wasps in an article headed “Beware boozed-up sugar junkie wasps”. Paul Hetherington from the Buglife Conservation trust believes wasps get a bad press and we should be more sympathetic.

Temperatures for June were above average across the UK, with warm days and mild nights, although there were no spells of exceptional warmth. It was rather unsettled early and late in the month, with localised thundery downpours on several days, but there was a period of fine weather around the middle of the month, bringing plenty of warm, dry, sunny weather.

The mild relatively dry Spring and early Summer (so far) will be good for wasp populations especially after the dismal weather for the last three years.

We need our wasps – they do a good job of pest control in our gardens.