Have a Wasp for a Pet with a Waspinator

If you want a loyal hard working and trustworthy companion with whom you could form a long-lasting, uncomplicated, thrifty, and slightly beneficial relationship, what could be better than a wasp for a pet? Use Waspinator to train them.

Don’t just go for a pretty face or a nice figure, take a scientific approach, Although nearly all wasps are friendly, enigmatic and playful, the ideal wasp is the social wasp, Vespula, although you will have to choose between a vulgar one and a German one.

Once you’ve got him or her, you can take them out for a drink or a bite to eat, or an ice lolly if it’s hot. They like barbecues, sandwiches, fruit, well pretty much anything except vegetables really. Bit like my children.

They like being waved at, and often take this as an invitation to share your food or drink.

You have to watch out for them when they become teenagers (late September), they get a bit tired and grouchy, often get drunk and go to sleep in places they shouldn’t, and definitely don’t like being woken up.