July 2014 – Michelle Keegan the Waspinator

Corrie star Michelle Keegan showed her devotion to her fiancé, TOWIE and Strictly star (and generally very nice chap) Mark Wright, when she sucked the venom out of a wasp sting on his back after he was attacked by a wasp in a car park whilst out shopping.

Temperatures for July were above average across the UK, mainly due to warm days with many days having maximum temperatures above 25 °C, especially in the south-east. However, night-time temperatures were closer to average. There was plenty of warm, dry, sunny weather, but with the warmth leading to thunderstorms and localised downpours at times.

Still good weather for wasps but it does appear that numbers aren’t really increasing, the hammering they have taken in the last few years may be even more significant than thought.