May 2015 – Wasps Eating my Bench

During May this year’s Queen wasps will be building the first few cells of her their new nests and then will be laying the first batch of eggs. When these hatch they will become the first group of workers, and will carry on building and developing the nest leaving the Queen free to focus on laying further batches of eggs.

And so the life cycle of the new colony begins.

At this time of year wasps are foraging for building materials for their nests, often they will use handy local sources such as sheds, untreated fences and garden furniture.

Here are some really helpful responses to a plea for help from someone who had wasps eating his garden bench.

“Set it on fire. Wasps don’t like eating fire. Problem solved.”

“Cover a garden chair in jam to distract them.”

“Put a “NO WASPS ALLOWED” sign up”

“That’s silly, wasps can’t read. You need a sign with a picture of a wasp and a diagonal line through it”

“Such a typical Guy response – set fire to them, poison them, throw red bull / hammer sausages up them etc – have you tried “speaking” to the wasps? “asking” them to stop? If this was Mumsnet …………”

“Give your bench some bad reviews on waspadvisor so they’ll try somewhere else”

“Dip a spool of thread in some jam and wrap it round the branches of a tree far from your bench, creating a mini assault course for them”

“Use a Waspinator to deter them (oh, that’s from us, oops)”

At the start of the month, the UK was in a rather unsettled weather type, with some heavy rain in western and northern areas. This set the scene for the month, with rather wet and cool conditions. There were only occasional short fine spells mainly in the south.

Wet weather bad for wasps, and how many times have we had to make that comment, if I were a wasp I’d emigrate.