Waspinator News

Evening Standard

A sting in the tail for wasps – Evening Standard 20/02/08.
The mild weather we had last year meant there were more wasps around. Most gardeners know these insects are useful pest controllers but many see them as a problem because of their stings. New on the UK market is the Waspinator, which aims to keep them at bay without the need for killing them.

The hanging bag, which works by mimicking a wasp nest, will repel these insects within a radius of about 40 feet. As wasps are very visual and territorial, when they see a Waspinator they fly away for fear of being attacked by the defending wasps of what they believe is an enemy’s nest. To buy a Waspinator, which costs £12.95, call 0113 815 4994, visit www.waspinator.co.uk, or email [email protected].
The device can also be found at garden centres and in hardware shops.