Oct 2014 – New Zealand Wasp Population

An Australian scientist has recommended the introduction of new species of wasp to Australia to act as biological control agents of agricultural pests.

This needs to be considered very carefully, in New Zealand in the 1960’s German and Common wasps were introduced to help control pests active in vineyards, and now New Zealand has the single highest density wasp population in the world as there are no natural predators for these wasps in this country

October came as quite a contrast to the previous month, as the weather became unsettled and wet and remained so through the majority of the month, interspersed with only short periods of drier weather. With winds frequently from the south, this October was another month with well above average temperatures.

Wet weather is very bad for Queen wasps at this time of year but the balance of higher than normal temperatures means they may have been able to stay in the nests later than usual before leaving for hibernation.