Springtime for Wasps – April 2016

Springtime 2016 has arrived early and this year’s Queen wasps have begun to emerge from their Winter hibernation and will be looking for nice safe dry locations to build this year’s nests and to start their new colonies, they will be slightly larger than most wasps and really do look like they are searching for something other than food.

They will also soon be collecting building materials to build the initial few cells of the nest structure, after which they will commence the process of laying and hatching their eggs. When the eggs hatch these new family members will take over the job of foraging for food and building materials and the Queens’ role is solely to lay more and more eggs until the colony is fully formed in July/August.

If you observe wasps drilling scratchy lines into wooden structures, garden furniture, sheds, gates, etc, they are collecting wood fibre which they then chew into pulp from which they make their nests (see earlier post ‘Wasps invented paper’).

If you feel able, do leave them to get on with their role and place in nature which is to be natural pest controllers in your garden and to act as cross pollinators, along with many winged insects they have had a tough few years surviving late Spring cold snaps and our wonderfully wet UK Summers.

You can use Waspinator to ‘train’ them as to where they can and can’t go in your garden – they might not become quite as obedient as a trained puppy and you probably won’t be able to take them for walks or to chase a ball, but they can be taught not to go where you don’t want them to be.