Vespula Dementors – the Harry Potter wasp

Expecto Patronum!

A new species of wasp has been named after dark Harry Potter characters the Dementors.

The wasp, which was discovered in Thailand in 2008, is now the newly christened Ampulex dementor, after scientists noticed similarities between the insects and the soul-sucking creatures in JK Rowling’s hit Harry Potter series.

Sound strange? Well, the A.dementor wasp lays its eggs inside cockroaches who they have partly paralysed with a sting, leaving the cockroach in a unique “docile” state where the victim is physically able to escape, but doesn’t. The eggs then hatch inside the cockroach, and the lava end up consuming the beetle.

Pretty gruesome behaviour which has recognisable parallels to the feared (and luckily fictional) Dementor’s Kiss. As well as feeding off human happiness and generally causing despair wherever they go, the Dementors of the wizarding world attack victims with a kiss, which sucks out a person’s soul leaving them in a permanent vegetative state.