Wasp report August 2013

Some showery weather at the start of the month but aninput of hot air from Southern climes led to a hot August on the whole, and the driest August for 10 years. This will have been great for our wasps, and normally would have led to large numbers of stinging incidents, however the wasp population is so low following the mild Winters and cold Springs in the previous two years, that no particular unpleasantness was really noticed other than for those who unwisely forgot or chose not to deploy Waspinators.

Wasps are at their nastiest at this time of year, as well as being tired, hot and stressed due to overcrowding in the nest, they can often be drunk (!) as a result of the fruit they have stolen from our apple, pear and plum trees fermenting inside them.

Their wasp hangovers are even worse than ours, so do forgive their unpleasant behaviour at this time of year.