Wasp report March 2011

Spring has come early following the mild start to the year, and Queen wasps have been seen emerging from hibernation looking for likely sites to nest.

If you see a large wasp paying attention to any nooks and crannies in and around your home, this is a Queen looking for a place to build her nest.

Unles you are a wasp lover (and even we admit these are very few and far between) you may wish to discourage her, or use a jam jar or cup to catch her and release her elsewhere.

If you are regularly subject to wasps nesting in or around your property, now is the time to put up a Waspinator as wasp deterrent – a Queen looking for a nesting site will see the Waspinator and will think that area is already taken by another colony so she will go somewhere else.

It is also important to put Waspinator out early if you have any particularly strong lures for wasps in your garden – if the local wasp community get used to visiting your garden for some lovely plums, apples or pears, it will be much harder to repel them once they have formed the habit.

Waspinator is a visual wasp repellent so make sure you put in somewhere it can easily be seen from as far away as possible.

Whilst not essential, we also recommend that Waspinator is left out all season so that the local wasps get used to the idea that your garden is someone else’s territory, and so they go somewhere else to start with.