Wasp Watch April 2014

Will wasp numbers build in whats been another mild month, the fifth in a row, with above average temperatures. Unsettled at the start and end of the month but with fine, dry periods in between, the only area with rain was North West Scotland, sorry. Although starting from a low point in terms of population due to the dreadful last few Winters, and Springs, and Summers, the wasp population could well recover this year. Have your Waspinators ready to repel the wasps as their number build!

There will be fewer colonies than in normal years (and we have to go back about 6 years for a ‘normal’ year) but the colonies that do develop will be larger than usual due to lack of competition for food and building materials. An average size nest is around 2,000 wasps, the biggest nest we know of was 22 feet across found in an abandoned house in Spain, see image.