Wasp Watch October 2015

Mostly a settled month as far as weather was concerned, dry, sunny, not too windy, a bit cool at nights.

Wasp colonies are starting to die out now, the drones have had their moment of stardom and the Queens for next year have been fertilised, these wasps will be leaving home soon to look for hibernation points and the rest of the colony will perish soon.

Be on the lookout for tired and confused wasps, it is quite easy to accidentally encounter them in unexpected places and suffer a stinging incident.

If they are indoors, particularly in upstairs rooms, they may well be looking for a nice dry safe spot to hibernate over Winter, such as your loft or attic.

This in itself is not much of an issue as they will sleep through from November to March, but when they come out of hibernation they will realise your loft or roof space has been a good place to spend Winter so they might decide to move in.

Which can be more of an issue.