Wasp Watch September 20015

September was quite a sunny month.

Yes, we said it. September was quite a sunny Month.

And it was quite dry, comparatively at least.

And the wasps liked it, a lot.

This is the time of year where human/wasp interaction is usually at its highest and least pleasant, so be careful.

Wasps’ nests are overcrowded and overheating, and the wasps are bad tempered as a result. Their dietary needs have changed from protein to carbohydrate over the Summer months, and now that the colony is at full strength they keep all their foraged food for themselves. If they have eaten fruit it can ferment inside them and they become drunk and then hung over.

Waving them away doesn’t work as they think it looks quite interesting, traps don’t work as there are thousands of wasps in each nest, trap or kill one and another wasp comes to see what is going on.

It does take nerves of steel to keep still and just let them get on with whatever they want to do, but it is the best way.

Or find a way to keep them away?????