Many insects preyed upon by wasps are garden pests.

And in this respect, wasps help to regulate pest populations and to prevent potential damage to garden plants, so we believe it is far better to use a wasp repellent, not wasp traps.

Consequently, wasps are beneficial insects. They feed their young on a wide range of invertebrates which cause damage to plants and flowers, such as aphids and caterpillars.

They also visit flowers and therefore help in pollination.

Thus, wherever possible, it is good to leave wasp’s nests undisturbed in order to encourage the natural control of pests and to reduce the need for insecticide treatments.

This will save money and will help to protect wildlife and your garden environment from unnecessary exposure to pesticide contamination.

So by using a wasp repellent not a wasp trap, you are helping nature to look after your garden for you.

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