It is possible to avoid a wasp sting by following some practical guidelines.

In general, they only sting when defending themselves or their nest, or when accidentally physically encountered.

It is best to avoid killing wasps as they emit a pheromone when dying which acts as a signal to other wasps that they are under attack and so they will come to the wasp you have just killed to see if they can help her.

Wasps like bright colours and strong scents, and often will drink moisture from wet towels and clothes, so be careful in handling them.

They like salt and the smell of sweat so wear deodorant if it’s hot and humid.

In late Summer and Autumn their dietary requirement changes from protein to carbohydrate, so if you can avoid participating in sweet food and drink outdoors that will help.

Don’t walk barefoot at picnics.

If you can, keep still; flapping human arms look quite interesting to wasps.

If you can’t, get a Waspinator.

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