If you need to get rid of wasps...

Until now you could only either use horrible chemical wasp traps which eventually kill the wasps, or put up with wasps buzzing all around you as you eat, drink, play, or just sit outdoors. There were no products which would repel wasps and just make them go away, the only products available were designed to kill wasps.

Traditional wasp traps firstly attract wasps (as if you needed that), and then trap and kill some of them using either toxic chemicals or messy bait. Then the wasp trap has to be cleaned out of the dead and dying wasps and the sticky residue of bait or poison. This process is messy, unpleasant, unkind to the environment, unkind to the wasp trap cleaner, and especially unkind to wasps.

The best alternative advice was always to sit still and wait for them to go away, however, if you’ve ever been stung, this is much, much, easier said than done even for adults, let alone toddlers and children and cats and dogs. It also doesn’t stop them from going in your drink or buzzing around your food.

Waspinator is a wasp repellent which creates a wasp free area large enough to eat, drink, socialise, or play, without the use of harmful poisons and without killing or harming any wasps. It is a natural and ecologically friendly product which will get rid of wasps without harming them.

If you use a couple of Waspinators strategically placed you can clear wasps from the areas you wish to use, and reduce the number of painful and unpleasant encounters you have with wasps, and vice-versa, and you won’t upset the ecological balance in your garden.

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Create your own wasp free zone

No more wasp problems at your picnic or BBQ with the amazing Waspinator.

£16.95 including £4 P&P