There are various ways how to get rid of wasps.

If you have had wasp nests previously in your house, garage, or garden, the use of a Waspinator from early Spring will deter the queen from choosing that spot to build her new nest as she will think it has already been taken and will go somewhere else.

To discourage them through Summer and Autumn keep rubbish bins tightly shut and bag any sweet foodstuffs and drinks before putting them in the bin. Keep rubbish areas clean.

Use straws and lids on any drinks taken outside. Or don’t eat or drink outside at all.

Or get a Waspinator.

For particularly bad wasp problems use more than one Waspinator.

In the Rocky Mountains of Canada and Northern America, people often hang a Waspinator from all four corners of their house, to create a Wasp Fence around them.

Wasps often take the same route to and from food sources, a sort of wasp motorway. If you have a nest nearby and want protection from it, you can often observe the route they are taking, and by strategically siting a Waspinator or two you can make them change their route to avoid areas where you don’t want to be buzzed.

See section above on What to do if you have a wasp nest in your loft or garage.

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