If you already have a live wasp nest in your loft or garage...

You will almost certainly need to get a pest control company to destroy the wasp nest, as the wasps will see this space as their territory and will get close enough to a Waspinator to sense that it isn’t real.

After that is done, a Waspinator will help prevent wasps from other colonies from seeing the space as a good place to nest, and is not as unsightly as a real wasp nest.

If you are siting a Waspinator for this purpose during late very Autumn, Winter, or very early Spring, you must make sure that there are no Queens in hibernation in the space. Their cocoons can be quite hard to spot, they are in between golf ball and tennis ball size, will be grey, silver, or straw colour, and can be burrowed down into lagging or tucked away into corners and crevices.

Once the Queen starts building her nest she, and the inhabitants, will see that area as their territory and Waspinator will pose much less of a threat to them.

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