How to use Waspinator effectively!

Step 1

Puff out the sides and make it as big as it will go.

Open Waspinator out fully

Step 2

To help Waspinator keep its shape, and in windy conditions, you can put scrunched up bin liners, bubble wrap or single pages of newspaper inside, just as long as it’s light and bulky.

Now fill the carrier bag with old supermarket carrier bags to give Waspinator its shape

Step 3

Pull the toggle on the drawstring so it is tight against the base of the Waspinator, and keep pulling until completely closed.

Pull the drawstring tight on the waspinator

Step 4

Tuck the drawstring inside the base. Hang the Waspinator from the loop at the top NOT from the drawstring. Hang it near the area you wish to be wasp free and soon any wasps in the area will fly away.

Now pull drawstring tight and place inside Waspinator

Step 5

Thats it! Just keep the Waspinator in situ and to use more than one, placed where you estimate the wasps’ line of sight will ensure they are seen and from as many directions as possible. If you leave it up, wasps have memory and after a while, they’ll know it’s there and won’t even come in the first place.

Deter wasps from your garden, poison free, no mess, no dead wasps, Ultimate Wasp repellent


For use in a loft or garage, any existing nest or hibernating Queen will need to be dealt with before Waspinator will work.