What are black and yellow and disliked by all? Answer: Wasps.

They ruin outdoor dining and socialising, they are really annoying and get in your face, and, of course, they sting.

So we all pretty much hate them. Undeservedly to some extent, as they can’t help it.

And, as annoying as they are, wasps are very beneficial and interesting insects, with a highly developed social structure.

Wasps also do a really good job in your garden – they cross-pollinate flowers and kill aphids – wasps work really hard during their short lives and maybe deserve a break from their status as the creature we most like to eliminate.

If we could stop them pestering us, our children, our elderly relatives, our dogs and cats, and keep them well away from us all, we could live in harmony with them, albeit at a distance.

So this is why we shouldn’t kill wasps but live in harmony with them by keeping them at bay.

With a Waspinator!

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